Lost Bridge Marina is an Ozark Boat Lift dealer on Beaver Lake. We offer new and custom floating boat lifts for owners in our marina and private boat dock owners on Beaver Lake. We also sell PWC boat lifts. Boat lifts are great for maintaining your boats quality and to keep your boat free of algae. Boat lifts raise your boat above the water level in a secure position helping to avoid damage from weather hazards. These boat lifts are front mounted onto the dock allowing the lift to bare the boats weight, therefore, very little stress is placed on the dock itself.

New boat lifts are built custom for your boat primarily based on the weight and length of your boat. The lift weight needed for your boat will help you to determine if galvanized or plastic tanks are best for your lift.

Here are some of the popular models of boat lifts for sale:


3600G3600 lbs.Up to 20’Galvanized
46004600 lbs.Up to 22’Galvanized or Plastic
64006400 lbs.Up to 26’Galvanized or Plastic
9000G9000 lbs.Up to 26’Galvanized
12,000G12,000 lbs.Up to 32’Galvanized


PT203200 lbs.Up to 20’Galvanized or Plastic
PT244000 lbs.Up to 24’Galvanized or Plastic
PT28G5500 lbs.Up to 28’Galvanized or Plastic


WC1PL1200 lbs.Up to 11’Plastic
WC22400 lbs.Up to 11’Galvanized or Plastic

PWC lifts can also be built custom to hold 2 PWCs; one in front of the other.

Advantages of a boat lift:

  • Adjust to any hull configuration (custom fit)
  • Dry, safe and secure storage
  • Maintenance free
  • Keeps your boat free from algae and oils
  • Keeps you boat free from contact with dock

Boat Lift Price Quote

To check approximate delivery time-frame and for a price quote, please call the marina at 479-359-3222 or email us.

For an accurate quote, it is best to have the following information ready: boat (year, make, model), boat length, boat dry weight and the dimensions of your dock.

Used Boat Lifts for Sale

Throughout the year (primarily in the early spring), we will have used boat lifts for sale. Please call the marina office to check availability.

Manufacturers website: Ozark Boat Lifts